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Men are always wanting to learn “How To Get a Girl.” or attract high quality women.  Attraction and seduction is all about attitude.  Building confidence is the key element to the equation.

Building confidence is a process.  The best way to begin building confidence is to create an increased sense of respect for your self.  The first way that we recommend improving your self respect is by improving your personal grooming behavior.  We recommend upgrading your personal grooming products.  Buy some new body wash, cologne and shampoo.  Make sure that what you buy is an upgrade from what you usually purchase.  Go to a department store that sells high end body wash products (not AXE body spray or Old Spice).  You want to find high quality body care products. Find a beautiful women working there and tell her that you are looking to upgrade your body wash, cologne and shampoo.  Tell her that you’re looking for some good suggestions.  Take what she has to say into consideration and buy at least one of the items.  They don’t need to be expensive.  Remember we’re looking to make gradual progress.

Once you have your upgrades go home and use them.  Brush your teeth use mouth wash and shave your face clean (you can preserve any preexisting mustache, beard or goatee).  Make sure that you shave or tweeze any stray hairs where hair appears – your ears, nostrils or the back of your neck.

Find some clean well-fitting clothing.  You should be comfortable and like the way that you feel.  Make your way to the mirror and look in the mirror and read the following to yourself:

“You’re Smart! You have great friends and family who love and respect you.  You radiate charisma and confidence.  You deserve only the best.  You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.”

Now read the following:

“Would you like the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret?  Take your pick.”

Memorize this and say it out load each morning before you start your day.  This will be your new morning ritual.  Like saying a prayer or reading scripture.  It should become part of you.

Now go to a nail salon.  That’s right you heard me.  Where women go to fix their nails and look pretty.  Ask for a manicure.  If the woman working at the nail salon asks you if it’s your first manicure say yes.  Tell her that a friend told you to try it.  Don’t get any nail polish.  If the girl doing your nails is cute try to start conversation with her.

Grooming Checklist:

  1. Haircut
  2. Get Contact Lenses (Only if you currently have glasses)
  3. Manicure & Pedicure
  4. Remove all excess hair (Visit an esthetician for a consultation)
  5. Use skin care products (Get dermatology advice)
  6. Manage your eyebrows (Esthetician)
  7. Whiten your teeth (Crest White Strips)
  8. Oral Hygiene Brush Teeth /MouthWash
  9. Manscaping (Shick Intuition Razor)
  10. Go Tanning (Mystic Tan)
  11. Accessorize
Happy Hunting
How To Get a Girl

How To Get a Girl