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We get a lot of guys who purchase our training that want to learn How To Get The Girl of their dreams.  Some have experience with women and have significant PUA training, only they experience problems in their game that are stopping them from attracting “10’s.”  They can pick-up “7’s” and “8’s” with no problems.  But, “10’s” seem to be Kryptonite, leaving them stumbling over their words with no success.

The solutions to the problems vary from case to case.  But, most of the time these sticking points are resolved by making a concerted effort to increase your perceived value.  How is this done?  It is accomplished by creating demand for your self.  How do you create demand?  There are many ways to increase your value differential and increase your demand.  In a night club environment you need to surround your self with people of high value.  This could mean a number of things, but in most cases you need to show your target that you are accepted by women of beauty.  You need to surround your self with other hot women.

Once your target sees that you have quality friends a.k.a. HOT ASS GIRLS and see that you are comfortable in the presence of beauty.  You can easily make your approach and feel comfortable and confident that she will accept you.  This is because what you have done is demonstrate social proof that you are worthy of her friendship.

Who you associate with is an important piece of the attraction / seduction equation.  You have to demonstrate social proof to your target that you have friends of high value.  Women of beauty only associate with fun / interesting people  because they want to be fun and interesting as well.

Happy Hunting

How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl