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When people ask the question How Can I Get Girls?  I immediately direct them to a list of negative behaviors that should be avoided during the approach.

Negative Behavior:

 Telegraphing Interest – It may seem impossible to approach a beautiful woman and strike up conversation without telegraphing interest.  But, your goal is to appear as very social person who doesn’t care who you talk to at any given moment.  For all that beautiful woman knows, you just finished speaking with 5 beautiful women.  You speak with anyone and everyone.  You’re always a very social person.  When you quickly telegraph interest with beautiful women you instantly disqualify yourself, because women are hard-wired with defense mechanisms that protect themselves from creepy guys.

Overly Nice – Have you ever heard the term “Nice guys finish last?” It is true.  The reason that nice guys finish last with women is because they telegraph interest too quickly.  When you are overly nice women of beauty automatically put you in the friend zone.  Overly nice guys seem like they are trying way too hard to create attraction.  Attraction should come natural and women notice that.  They want to be able to work for your approval.  You can and should be nice after you first meet.  Nice = buying drinks, opening doors, holding coats, etc.  But, in the beginning it is important to be funny, adventurous and mysterious to leave her curious about you.  Don’t be overly nice. 

Seeking Approval – You shouldn’t seem like you are seeking their approval.  Women of beauty talk to many men who “try” to impress them in order to seek their approval.  It may seem like a good strategy, but by bragging or kissing ass you ultimately appear as an insecure chump that lacks confidence.  Remember the kid in school who was nice, but always trying to fit-in?  Don’t be that kid.  Stop caring about what people think about you and be yourself.  By being different then everyone you will be able to attract the attention of other.

Causing Drama – Women hate men who cause drama.  Women have female friends that create drama in their lives.  They don’t want additional problems in their lives.   Don’t try to make waves in order to draw attention to yourself.  This is always counterproductive.  Men of high value avoid drama.

Over Hype the Situation – Never build up an approach to be a monumental in your mind.  Why let your emotions build up over something that lasts only a short time?  If for some reason the woman doesn’t want to talk you can move on to the next set.  Whatever happens to you during the approach, you will eventually overcome.

Become to Serious – Men have a tendency to take themselves too seriously.  You need to be able to laugh at your self and realize that this is a process.  Fighting for the attention of women is challenging at times.  Women of beauty usually have men around them.  Smile and be different from the crowd.

Happy Hunting

How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls