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When people ask the question “How Do You Get A Girl?” I like to teach them the concept of contrast effects that influences the psychology of our decision making.

The Halo Effect is when one characteristic dominates the way that you are perceived by society.  This often occurs with physically attractive women.  Research has shown that physically attractive women are seen as happier, funnier, more likely to get married, superior intellect, and more desireable in terms of personality.

This “Beauty Halo” translates directly over to the females perception of reality.  Attractive women truly believe that they are superior and more desirable then average women or unattractive women.

Beautiful women don’t want average lifestyles or average men.  Since they are beautiful they feel like they deserve only the best.

A powerful weapon persuasion professionals use is the contrast effect.  For example, real estate agents sometimes exploit the contrast effect by showing a buyer a run-down over priced property before showing a home that is under serious consideration.

By understanding the contrast effect a pick-up artist can leverage the emotions of the target.


You notice a pathetic chump approach a beautiful woman from across the bar.  As the pathetic chump gets shot down by the beautiful woman, you quickly make your move and open your set.  The contrast effect works in your favor.

The idea of the contrast effect is to initiate the approach directly after a low value subject and then move in for the approach presenting yourself as the high value alternative.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl