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When men ask me “How To Get The Girl” of their dreams.  I always try to touch on the concept of probability and risk.  Probability and risk are everywhere: When we cross the street, in the food we eat, in tonight’s basketball game.  Yet risk is very difficult to quantify and is most often multi-factorial.  Even the most basic problems in probability are very difficult to quantify.

The reason that risk is hard to quantify is because we all have a different perception of risk.  Smoking causes more than one out of six deaths in the United States.  On average, a male smoker reduces his life expectancy by 8.6 years.  Some people have a higher tolerance of risk and thus smoke cigarettes.

Applying probability and risk to the attraction and seduction process is important in overcoming social anxiety that can haunt your mind.

Your probability of success with women increases as you implement successful pick-up strategy and the risk of social humiliation diminishes.

When you are overcome with social anxiety and afraid of speaking to women.  You must stop, regroup emotionally, and perform a risk vs. reward analysis in you mind.  Identifying exactly what you stand to gain from the social interaction.  You will find that the perceived risk is usually much smaller than it appears in your mind.  Risk is often hard to quantify and our emotions tend to amplify our feelings to almost a state of panic.

Happy Hunting

How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl