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Many students ask the question “How Do You Get Girls?” I write this blog to offer suggestions on ways to seduce and attract women effectively.  Today I will discuss the concept of cognitive dissonance, specifically Postdecisional Dissonance.  Pick-up artists who understand this concept of cognitive dissonance can powerfully leverage the emotions of a target.

This concept is also described as the “foot-in-the-door technique.”  The methods have been used for years by many political campaigns.  Politicians will solicit small commitments in order to build a sense of commitment to a political candidate.  This form of cognitive dissonance follows a decision rather than precedes it.

In the mid-1960’s, Robert Knox and James Inkster performed a study of postdecisional dissonance at a horse track in Vancouver, Canada.  They approached 141 horse bettors, 72 of which had just finished placing a $2.00 bet and 69 people who were just about to place a $2.00 bet in the next 30 seconds.  Knox and Inkster reasoned that people who had just committed themselves to a course of action would reduce postdecisional dissonance by believing more strongly then ever that they had picked a winner.

To test their hypothesis, Knox and Inkster asked people to rate their horses chances on a 7 point scale where 1 indicated a “slight” chance of winning and 7 indicating a “excellent” chance.  What they found was that people who were about to place a bet rated their horse an average of 3.48, whereas people who had placed the bet rated their horses chances a 4.81.  Their hypothesis was confirmed that after placing a bet people became more confident in their decisions.

This is a powerful concept for persuasion professionals to master.  As a pick-up artist, the idea is that as you lead your target down a path of seemingly meaningless commitments your target will begin to feel invested in you and therefore begin to feel more and more confident in her decision to be with you.

As your target becomes increasingly compliant with your commitment requests.  You can increase the level of the commitments from simply asking a girl to meet your friends, to having a drink with you, to dancing, to going to a party with you, and so forth…

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls