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There is a good chance you found this article because you are looking to improve your game and answer the question “How Can I Get Girls?”  One concept that is important for every pick-up artist to understand is the Expected Utility Theory.

The concept explains a rational person’s decision making behavior.  Or how people would behave if they followed certain requirements of rational decision making.

I know what you’re thinking…That all sounds great, but last time I checked women don’t follow rational decision making behavior.  Well, I will agree with you to a certain extent.  But, for the most part women demonstrate rational decision making when selecting a mate.  (Unless under the influence of alcohol.)

Put a women in a room full of men and she will try to select the man who demonstrates the highest value or the highest utility as her mate.  How a woman defines value or utility is subject to the individual preferences.  But, women in general place high value in security.  The need for security is rooted deep into female evolutionary biology.   Women are programmed to seek out a mate who will protect and provide for them.

In order to maximize success with women we must demonstrate high-value and fit the mold that rational thinking women require.  In other words, in order to maximize success with women it is vital to appear as if you have your shit together.

It is also important to realize that rational thinking, beautiful women are less likely to participate in casual sex.  Even the best pick-up artists have to work towards sex and earn the trust of a woman.

Happy Hunting

How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls