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Each day I try to help men answer the question: How Do You Get A Girl?  To help men better understand social dynamics with women.  Today I would like to discuss two different styles of game that pick-up artists use.

 Narcissistic – Some men like to prepare themselves mentally in a narcissistic manner.  They have these mental cheerleaders in their brain pumping them up telling them “You’re the shit!  You’re sexy as hell! Every woman in the club wants a piece of your ass!”  and then they go out and open sets and work their game.  Narcissists generally get super discouraged when they experience failure.  They throw fits like celebrity divas.

Humble – Then other successful pick-up artists use a more humble approach.  They realize their game isn’t perfect and they understand their game is constantly evolving. They focus on delivering value in social interactions.  They focus on building friendships and let the world come to them.  Humble people are calm yet confident. I like to draw the comparison to James Bond.  He is calm, cool and collected.  He speaks slowly with extreme confidence.

I don’t encourage narcissistic behavior.  I promote a humble yet confident style of game.  In order to maximize success with women you have to focus on delivering value in your social interactions.  Once you become a master of value creation woman will automatically think you are a bad ass and want to hang out with you.  When your focus shifts from “Getting Ass” to “Delivering Value” you will begin to see results.

How do you deliver value?  You use approach strategy that is funny, interesting and genuine.  Focus on overcoming crippling self-obsession.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get A GIrl

How Do You Get A GIrl