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The reason you’re here is to improve your game and learn How To Get A Girl.  In order to fully understand social dynamics with women you need to put your self inside the mind of a women.  It is important to realize that extremely beautiful women have a slightly distorted view of reality.  They know that they are hot and they want that reality to be validated.  Beautiful women want to be placed on a pedestal and have men compete for their attention.  They consistently demonstrate bratty behavior and have this internal dialogue that says “I’m hot shit, you need my validation for sexual approval and I’m going to make you work your ass off for it.  I’m am hard to get!”

The way to attract and seduce a beautiful woman is to disrupt her reality and make her work to validate her own perceived reality.  What do I mean by this?  If you play hard to get and offer her attention and then quickly pull away, offer attention and quickly pull away.  She will begin to fight for your attention.

Because beautiful women identify themselves as being beautiful the second that reality is questioned they immediately fight to validate their reality.

To test my hypothesis, next time you are about to kiss a girl for the first time.  Pull away and tell her that things are moving too fast.  Then tell her that you aren’t that type of guy that just kisses a girl without knowing them.  They will fight and try to prove that they are different from most girls.  Next thing you know they will be fighting to kiss you.

Happy Hunting

How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl