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Men come to us to learn How To Get The Girl of their dreams.  They want to learn the behavioral science of love and attraction.  Pick-up Science is the study of social dynamics that occur when you first meet a woman and obtain her contact information.  In ancient Roman mythology Venus is the Goddess of love and attraction.  Venusian Science is the study of social dynamics and persuasion that occur between the first date and sex.  Essentially, it is the study of attraction and seduction.

The scientific study of persuasion has been going on for the past 50 years. There has been significant research produced on the topic.  Persuasion has often been referred to as an art, but in a sense this is a misclassification.  Even though talented artists can be taught skills to harness their natural abilities, truly remarkable artists possess talent and creativity that no instructor is able to instill into another person.

Fortunately persuasion is a science that can be taught.  Even the most pathetic chump can learn to be more persuasive by using a set of specific persuasion strategies that have proven to work effectively.

What is so intriguing about Venusian Science is that many of the psychological factors the influence attraction can be controlled by persuasion strategies.  By studying Venusian Science you can increase you persuasive prowess with little effort and maximize your success with women.

Happy Hunting

How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl