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We are constantly working to help men answer the question “How Do You Get Girls?” Have you ever found your self waiting in line at the grocery store surrounded with hundreds of purchase options at the point-of-sale? At a traditional grocery store there is usually a wide variety of candy, gum, magazines, chap stick, lighters and miscellaneous items? The wide assortment of options is often overwhelming. If you have ever heard the term “I felt like a kid in a candy store” it is used to describe some one who can’t make up their mind due to the many available options.

Research has shown that providing too many option can discourage purchase decisions. People get overwhelmed in their decision making process and products often loose their appeal.

What does this research in social science teach us about attracting and seducing women? Extremely beautiful women have a large variety of men seeking their approval. It is easy to become the flavor of the week. If a woman has been hit on by 10 – 15 guys in one night it is hard for you to make a lasting impression. They say that variety is the spice of life, but too much spice can ruin the dish and spoil your efforts at making a lasting impression.

This is a difficult phenomenon to overcome. I’m not saying stop approaching women in bars and nightclubs. Bars and nightclubs are what I consider a target rich environment. I’m just raising the point that there are right and wrong times to approach women. It always helps your odds when there are fewer alternatives. Most young women want to keep all options on the table and have a difficult time committing to one single option in a bar or nightclub environment. This can make it very difficult when you’re competing with swarms off dudes.

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How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls