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We teach men to answer the question “How Can I Get Girls?” Have you ever found your self choosing a bottle of wine from a wine list in a bar or restaurant? Many restaurants will present the more expensive bottles of wine at the bottom of the wine list, although the customers eyes may never make it down to the bottom of the list as they consider the many different options. In some cases restaurants will put the high-end champagnes on a completely different menu. By doing this, the mid range wines are not presented as compromise choices and therefore don’t appear less attractive.

Research has shown that if restaurants make a simple change to the wine list they can increase sales of pricey bottles. The trick is to list the most expensive bottles first, this causes customers to choose the next-most-pricey bottle as their compromise option.

How does choosing wine at a bar or restaurant relate to getting girls? Well, women of beauty are faced with many choices when they attend bars and nightclubs. When they are approached by 10 – 15 different men per/night they are essentially sitting in front of a wine list of options to choose from. Some men are fine wine and others are compromise choices. Each beautiful women in the bar or nightclub competes for the attention of the high-value men. Each man is competing for the attention of the high-value women.

The goal is to present ourselves as a high-value option to maximize our success. Or at least become a beautiful woman’s compromise option. Becoming someone’s compromise option may seem like a bad thing. But at least you get your foot-in-the-door and have the opportunity to demonstrate value. Such a shift a woman’s choice could land you in a compromising position of your own, that just depends on how you set your standards.

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How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls