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Our goal is to teach men “How To Get A Girl.” So each day we try to teach a different principle that will help you during the attraction and seduction process. For the most part we are all products of an incentive-based society. We are conditioned to engage in opportunities that provide incentive for us. This is simply rational decision making behavior. We go to school and educate ourselves to one day obtain a career that we enjoy. We get out of bed in the morning to go to work to earn a paycheck. We approach women in bars and nightclubs to create friendships that can develop into lasting relationships.

Because we seek incentives before engaging in activities, we need to stop and analyze our approach. Ask ourselves what is the “draw” behind my message.

When soliciting a woman for compliance or cooperation one powerful method of creating “draw” or incentive is offer help in an unconditional “no-strings-attached” way. By offering help you will increase compliance and your personal likeabilty. This approach strategy is easy to implement, you need to use cold reading techniques and identify opportunities to help women. Once you find an appropriate moment you can easily move in and offer your help. This process builds trust and rapport with your target.

Happy Hunting

How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl