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In my pursuit to help you learn “How To Get The Girl” of your dreams. I have been teaching you about the principle of reciprocation. The idea that if we first offer a gift, service, or favor for a woman, we create a social obligation in the woman that makes them inclined to reciprocate the favor at a later date.

I want to make an important point about the law of reciprocation. When a women receives a favor from you. She quickly forgets…It almost seems like women have amnesia and put these kind gestures far outside their minds within minutes. To leverage the principle of reciprocation. It is important to ask or seek compliance shortly after you offer a gift, service, or favor while the kind act is still fresh in the woman’s mind. This will guarantee that you are leveraging the feelings of social obligation. In my experience with beautiful women in bars and nightclubs it is extremely difficult to make a “Lasting Impression.” I’m not saying that it is impossible. I’m just saying that it is difficult.


Open your set and carefully thread in a sincere compliment. When she thanks you for the kind words. Ask if she would like to meet your friends. When she says “Yes” walk her over to your friends. Offer them an introduction. When the waitress appears offer to buy her a drink. After she says “Yes” and she is holding the drink in her hand. Tell her that your having a party next week and you would love to see her there. Ask for her phone number.

You simply need to lead your target down a path of seemingly inconsequential commitments that lead to the telephone number exchange.

Confucious wisely said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Happy Hunting

How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl