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In my constant efforts to understand the attraction and seduction process and answer the question “How Do You Get Girls?” I have been teaching my students scientifically proven methods to become more persuasive with women. The principle that I would like to focus on today is called the “Labeling Technique.”

An example of the “Labeling Technique” is found within our political system in the United States. We have a two party political system. Politicians go to great lengths to persuade voters to associate themselves with a political party. By labeling yourself a Democrat or a Republican you are more likely to vote on election day. The simple mental affirmation of a party affiliation causes people to vote.

How can the “Labeling Technique” be used to get girls? One easy way to implement the “Labeling Technique” into your game is by using a camera routine. When you are speaking to a woman at a bar or nightclub ask if you can take a picture with her. After snapping a couple of photos. Mention how beautiful she looks in the photos. Then tell her “We look good together” and smile in a confident manner. The comment provides a mental affirmation of her beauty and tells her that you make a good couple. She will begin to imagine the possibility of being with you and mentally label herself as your partner. The simple mental consideration will improve your odds of sealing the deal.

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How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls