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In order to teach men about the attraction and seduction process and maximize success with women. I try to teach men ways to be more persuasive in their social interactions with women. So when men ask the question “How Do You Get Girls?” I usually respond with a lesson in social dynamics and persuasion. Today’s lesson may seem odd or counter-intuitive. This persuasion technique is used to win the respect of your target – by inconveniencing them.

Studies have shown that if your ask for a small favor that slightly inconveniences your target and they comply. They will be more likely to comply to a non-inconveniencing commitment in the future.

There are many different ways to implement this strategy into your routines.


When you approach a woman at a bar or nightclub ask them to help you make your ex-girlfriend jealous. Say – “I broke-up with this girl last year. It was really hard on me. She did some shit that really hurt me…Anyway, she is here tonight and I want to show her that I’m doing really well in a non-verbal way…Will you hold my hand and walk with me across the room? That way I can demonstrate that I’ve moved on.”

By inconveniencing her with the favor. She is likely to act more favorably towards you in the future. This strategy may seem bold. But, think about it…If you currently have nothing to show for your communication or non-communication with your target. The worst thing that can happen is you will wind up in the same situation.

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How Do You Get A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl