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When people ask me “How To Get A Girl” I like to discuss social dynamics and behavioral science to explain ways to influence the female decision making process. Today I would like to discuss an interesting phenomenon associated with our purchasing behavior.

Studies have shown that potential buyers associate the quality of an item with the price. When the price of an item is high we’re likely to think that it’s worth more.

I know what you’re thinking. How does consumer purchasing behavior relate to getting girls? This concept validates the idea of value demonstration. Our goal is to demonstrate high value in our social interactions to increase our personal demand. We want women to like us.

What I’m saying is that in order to maximize success with women your need to appear as if you have a “high-price tag.” Shopping at Old Navy and the Gap won’t get you the results you’re looking for. You need to use your wardrobe as an extension or your personality and an expression of value. I’m not saying that you need to drop your life savings on shoes and a watch. But, you should spend some money and invest in your appearance. Women of beauty want to find men who are fashion conscious.

By dressing in high-quality, clean, well-fitting clothes we demonstrate high-value and our perceived-value increases. Women will naturally think that we’re worth more. Plus, you will feel a greater sense of self-respect which will increase your confidence.

Happy Hunting

How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl