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People are always asking us “How Do You Get Girls” This is a very loaded question. So I always try to provide a small piece of advice that will help during the attraction and seduction process. If you are like most people when you feel strongly about something you want to tell the world exactly why you are right. But even when you have credentials or are knowledgeable on the topic there is a difficult social barrier to overcome. As you attempt to express your opinion to others and persuade them, you come across boastful and arrogant. This doesn’t improve your likeability and chances are they will be less inclined to follow your advice.

How does this apply to pick-up science, venusian science, and getting girls? When you’re engaged in conversation with a female and she suddenly begins says objectionable commentary. Swallow your pride and nod your head. If you try to persuade or influence her opinion she will likely take offense.

Successful pick-up artists avoid conflict and blatant objections. Instead just smile and say “Wow! that’s very interesting!” It’s not worth creating an awkward moment or damaging your perceived image.

Example: You’re at a bar or nightclub and you’re talking with a beautiful woman. She is rambling on about conservative politics and how much she loved former president George W. Bush. She is talking about how she enjoyed his eloquent oratory skills. Instead of calling her out and raising objection on the topic. Just smile nod and say “Wow! that’s very interesting!” Swallowing your pride and moving forward will earn you more points and improve your likeability.

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How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls