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When men ask the question “How Can I Get Girls?” I like to share examples of social science and behavioral science that can help you to be more persuasive with women during the attraction and seduction process. When approaching women we are striving to demonstrate high-value and promote our strengths. If you’re not careful you can come across as arrogant and conceded. One interesting persuasion technique used to build trust is “touting weaknesses.” This approach may seem self-defeating, but by mentioning a slight draw-back or small personal flaw. You create the perception that you are honest and trustworthy. When you build this perception in the mind of your target you position yourself to be more persuasive when promoting your genuine strengths.

It is important that you identify only minor flaws and joke about them. By volunteering negative information to your target, you show that you realize that you aren’t perfect and you can joke about it. Then when you promote one of your genuine strengths you don’t seem conceded. This technique can help improve you likeability and show that you have a sense of humor.

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How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls