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Men are constantly asking us “How Do You Get A Girl” to like you. In an attempt to help men improve their game and attract women. I try to teach lessons in social dynamics that will help during the attraction and seduction process. The principle that I would like to discuss today has to with our decision making behavior. Social Scientists have found that we have a tendency to feel especially positive toward subtle things that we associate with ourselves. Similarities and commonalities make us feel comfortable and thus we favor people who have similarities with us.

How does this apply to getting girls? In order to maximize success with women. It is very important to be observant in your social interactions with women. Try to identify genuine similarities that exist between you and your target. I’m not advocating that you invent or fabricate similar characteristic or attributes to gain the favor of women. I’m simply stating that if you share similarities and bring them to the surface in conversation before you seek their compliance.  You will increase your success.  Anything from a similar age, beliefs, hobbies, hometown and alma mater are good examples of similarities. Be mindful and observant of women and try your best to identify similarities.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get  A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl