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The reason that you are reading this blog is to improve your game and learn “How To Get A Girl” to like you. Each day I try to share a small piece of wisdom that could help during the attraction and seduction process. Generally, the advice is intended to help you learn social dynamics with women and help you become more persuasive.

The concept that I would like to teach today has to do with mirroring your targets behavior. Going along the same lines as yesterday’s blog post titled “Accentuate Similarities” which emphasized that similarities make us feel comfortable and we prefer to associate with people who are like us. When we match the behavior of our target we increase our likeability and create feelings of trust. There has been much research performed by social psychologists on the topic of matching behavior. Whether you are in a job interview, in a sales presentation or introducing yourself to a woman at the bar. Mirroring behavior makes social interaction seem smoother and creates a bond between two people.

For example, if you are at a nightclub and you approach a beautiful woman. You notice that she is standing with perfect posture, with her arms crossed and she is chewing gum in a aggressive way. It is in your favor to stand with perfect posture fold your arms and chew your gum with the same intensity. The matched similarities in your body language with create a bond between you and she will feel a natural inclination to associate with you.

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How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl