Venus is the God of love and attraction.  Venusian Science is the study of the attraction and seduction process.  At Venusian Science they have created intense training material that teaches students to maximize success with women.  The training course covers social dynamics, persuasion and influence.

If you are experiencing difficulty understanding the attraction and seduction process, or just looking to improve your game and date higher quality women then Venusian Science is for you.

Social scientists have spent 50 years researching factors that influence our decision making processes.  By understanding these factors you can learn to be more persuasive and maximize your success with women.  No Tricks, No Venusian Science Scams.

Venusian Science Scam?

There are a lot of “Venusian Science Scam” sites out there saying that Venusian Science is a clone of other pick-up artist material.  It is important to realize that the dating advice, love guru, pick-up artist industry is extremely competitive.  There are thousands of “gurus” or “experts” that profess to be the best at what they do.  The truth is that men have been approaching women since the beginning of time.  There is not one specific “guru” who invented the attraction and seduction process.