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Each day I make an attempt to help men answer the question “How Do You Get Girls?” Each post contains a lesson in social dynamics and persuasion that can be helpful during the attraction and seduction process.  The concept that I would like to touch on today is called the “Scarcity” principle.  We are all effected by the power of scarcity in the decision making process.  If we sense that a product is available only for a limited time, we are naturally drawn in and we show a greater desire for that product.  Scarcity plays a major roll in the demand of all products.

By understanding the scarcity principle we can leverage powerful emotions that trigger people to action.  How can these lessons be applied to getting girls?  In order to maximize success with women.   You must create an image for yourself that communicates to your target that you have a limited time offer with a set expiration date.  This will naturally increase your personal demand.  Have you heard the old adage “We want what we can’t have.” We have all experienced the psychological effects of the scarcity principle.  Leveraging these powerful emotions is one way to become more persuasive.

I like to draw the comparison to an ice cream truck that drives through the neighborhood on a summer afternoon.  Children hear the music playing and scramble to find their parents or someone who can purchase the ice cream.  The children know that they have a limited time constraint before the truck drives away.  This time constraint provides the ice cream an element of scarcity that drives children to demand the product.  It is not just because kids like ice cream, they are also influenced by the element of scarcity.

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How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls