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Men frequently ask us “How Can I Get Girls” so I each day I try to leave my students with a small pearl of wisdom that will help during the attraction and seduction process. Today I would like to go over female “Attraction Switches.”

The unconscious mind is constantly performing complex computations to make day-to-day decisions.  To speed up the decision making process our brain uses logical short-cuts to facilitate the operations to make better decisions quickly.  Our brain is programmed to seek evidence of social proof to make quality decisions.

Example of short-cut logic:

A beautiful woman walks in the room.  You recognize a giant diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand.  You make the logical connection that this beautiful women is taken.  She is married.  You don’t have to ask her the question, your brain performed a logical short-cut to arrive at that conclusion.

Along with short-cut logic the female mind is programmed with a variety of  attraction switches that influence how you are perceived in the mind of a woman.  These switches allow women to make snap decisions / judgement to determine how attractive you are.

List of Attraction Switches in women:

“Alpha male”
“The ability to look after her and her children, financially and otherwise”
“Socially competant”
“Many friends”
“pre-approved by other females”
“Leader of men”
“Has standards when comes to women”
“Many girlfriends”

By understanding short-cut logic and attraction switches.  You can learn to flip those switches and maximize success with women.

Happy Hunting

How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls