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Men are always asking themselves “How Can I Get Girls.” I write this blog to help men navigate through the attraction and seduction process. Each blog post touches on the social dynamics that we encounter during social interactions with women. The concept that I would like to discuss today is “Loss Aversion.” When we feel the loss of someone or something we naturally have a heightened desire for that person or product. We have a tendency to be more sensitive to possible losses than to possible gains. This phenomenon or tendency is called “loss aversion” the idea is that people are more motivated to avoid losses than to acquire gains. “Loss Aversion” explains a lot about our decision making behavior and what motivates us to action. Marketers understand this principle and leverage our emotions by emphasizing what we stand to lose from not buying a product.

What does “Loss Aversion” have to do with getting girls? If you can frame the situation to provoke feelings of loss in your target, they will naturally feel “loss aversion” and want to fight for what they can’t have. This is why you see pick-up artists teaching the importance of shoulder turns and back turns when compliance testing. When women receive the cold shoulder they sense feelings of loss. When women are compliant you reward them with attention. When they are not compliant you punish them with shoulder and back turns. If you’re not getting the attention you desire turn and walk away. She will sense the loss.

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How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls