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The purpose of this blog is to teach men “How To Get A Girl.” Each day I try to provide a small piece of advice that will help men become more persuasive in their social interactions with women. The material aims to help students during the attraction and seduction process. The topic that I would like to discuss today has to do with “Simplicity” and the importance of your name in the approach.

Research has proven that people show greater affection for names that can be easily pronounce, rather than names that are difficult to pronounce.

Marketers are fully aware of this phenomenon when branding companies, products or people the easier the name is to read and pronounce the more likely it will be viewed positively.

How does this apply to getting girls? If your name is long or difficult to pronounce I’m not telling you to go out and legally change your name. I’m simply advising you to never underestimate the power of simplicity. This is the reason that you see many pick-up artists using a short alias during introductions. In order to build a positive first impression and avoid stumbling blocks in communication it is effective to use an alias to smooth communication and generate interest in your identity. Your name is part of your brand. It is important to keep it simple.

Happy Hunting

How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl