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When students ask the question “How Can I Get Girls?” I always try to teach a lesson about social dynamics and provide some advice that will help during the attraction and seduction process. The topic that I would like to discuss today has to do with the appropriate use of technology in your communication with women.

In recent years we have been bombarded with technological advancements that have effected the way we communicate with women. With social media, email, text messaging and Skype we find ourselves using technology in many different ways to find dates. For better or worse, long are the days when these negotiations only took place in person and over the phone.

Technology is great and it has changed our lives for for the best, but face-to-face communication is what strengthens relationships and builds trust. Email and Text messaging is great. But, I am simply arguing that “Personalized Communication” like telephone conversation and good old fashion face-to-face communication is more effective for creating rapport.

I’m not saying that social media, email and text messaging are not effective tools for attracting and seducing women. I am simply stating that in order to maximize success with women you will need to master “Personalized Communication” techniques. One of the key attraction switches for women is when a man demonstrates that he is socially competent. This is accomplished through face-to-face social interactions.

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How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls