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A popular question that we hear in our training classes is “How Do You Get A Girl?” The reason that I write this blog is to teach men social dynamics that influence the attraction and seduction process. The goal is to help men improve their game and become more successful with women. The topic that I would like to discuss today has to do with individualistic and collectivistic personality types. Individualism is an orientation that assigns a high importance to the preferences of the individual. Collectivism places a high level of importance on the group. Generally, western culture is considered an individualistic culture. (We’re Selfish)

Women usually place the highest priority on personal preferences. By understanding this psychology you can create a message that resonates on a deeper level. What do I mean? Although it’s an oversimplification, one might say that if someone has individualistic personality preferences they would respond best to an individualistic-oriented approach strategy.

What is an individualistic approach? An approach that’s message focuses solely on the benefits that the target will receive from associating with you. Or focusing on topics that effect the individual directly. (Her Friends, School, Family, Ex-Boyfriend, etc.)

When creating conversation with a woman focus on topics that directly effect them on a personal level.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl