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Each day I post a blog with helpful hints for men looking to improve their game. I teach social dynamics that help during the attraction and seduction process. The lessons are full of working knowledge that will help you learn “How To Get A Girl.” The topic that I would like to discuss today is “Messaging Etiquette” and how to message a potential date.

When you get a woman’s number it is sometimes hard to tell when and how to contact her. We find ourselves asking questions like: How long do I wait to call her? Should I shoot her a text message? Should I leave a voicemail message? There are unwritten rules that you need to follow and certain etiquette that should be used when messaging.

How long do I wait to call? – There is no set time frame. I suggest waiting at least three days so that you don’t appear desperate. But, if you notice a lot of competition you should call sooner rather than later.

Should I send her a text message? – For a first-time communication I strongly discourage text messages as a form of communication. A telephone call goes a long way and is much more personal.

Should I leave a voicemail message? – Yes, but keep it short and simple.

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How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl