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Men come to us to learn “How To Get The Girl” of their dreams. The purpose of this blog is to help men understand the attraction and seduction process. The topic that I would like to discuss today is referred to as “kino escalation.”

Kino escalation is a complex process of building attraction through touching (kinesthetics) and closing a woman. When properly used Kino can be the difference between a kiss close and the “friend zone.”

For women the decision to become physical with a man is very intuitive and depends on whether it “feels right” or not. If she is going to hook-up with you it must “feel” natural.

You must avoid creating tension that disrupts positive energy. Awkwardness will cause her to “feel” like she is making a bad decision moving forward with you.

Women are able to sense awkwardness from a mile away. If you sense any weird tension moving in for a kiss, chances are she is feeling the same weird tension also.

Kino Escalation is all about making a woman feel comfortable with your touch gradually over time. If done properly she will be primed and ready for the kiss and you will avoid awkward tension all together.

Happy Hunting

How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl