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You may have asked yourself the question “How Do You Get A Girl” to like you? I write this blog to teach men about the attraction and seduction process and help them to improve their game. The material that I discuss teaches social dynamics that make men persuasive in their social interactions with women. The topic that I would like to discuss today has to do with the importance of physical comfort in the attraction and seduction process.

In order for a woman to arrive at the decision to hook up with you, the situation must feel right in her mind with no awkwardness or weird tension. Women are very intuitive and pay close attention to their feelings and emotions.

In order to create an environment that promotes positive energy. It is important to focus on your targets physical condition. She needs to feel 100% comfortable in order to progress into a physical relationship. She needs to feel comfortable with your touch before you kiss her. She needs to be comfortable with your kiss before you can progress further sexually. There is a natural progression that takes place that allows your relationship to progress. Each step should feel 100% natural.

If you create an environment that is warm and inviting with positive energy you will improve your chances of making her “feel right” about the situation.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl