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I write this blog to teach men “How To Get A Girl” and improve their game. Each day I teach a different principle relating to social dynamics that influence decision making and help men become more persuasive with women. The concept that I would like to discuss today has to do with demonstrating high value in social settings.

Extremely beautiful woman don’t want to live average lifestyles. They know they are beautiful and they feel entitled to a privileged life. These woman only want to date men of high value. Your social stock has to be through the roof. Women want to meet a man who is fun, entertaining and interesting and become part of his interesting life. You don’t have to be famous, rich, or extremely good looking. But, you must demonstrate high value. Every move you make, every word you speak and every action you make should show your target that you are a man of VALUE! Always ask yourself the question: How can I improve my perceived value? Then work accordingly.

It’s not only about gaining the approval of your target. You must win over her friends also and show them that you are interesting.

One of the biggest mistakes men make with woman is living an extremely average life. Extremely beautiful woman don’t want to live average lives. In order to maximize success with woman you must find ways to demonstrate value and become more interesting.

Happy Hunting

How To Get A Girl

How To Get A Girl