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Men visit this blog to learn how to attract supermodel hot women or learn “How to Get The Girl” of their dreams. The material is intended to teach men about social dynamics that influence the attraction and seduction process. The goal is to help men become more persuasive in their social interactions with women and improve their game. The concept that I would like to discuss today has to do with negotiation strategy.

Your success with women has to do with your ability to negotiate with your target to gain compliance. You should work to make her decision as easy as possible. You should confront your target with a choice that seems painless and natural. Men usually pay very little attention to the way they deliver commitments and how the choice influences her decision.

It is important to put yourself in the shoes of your target and work on routines that present her with choices that are easy to accept. You are trying to create an easy decision, not a tough one.


You want to invite your target to attend a party. You could say “We’re having a party on Friday. Would you like to come over?”

This may seem reasonable, but when you put yourself in your targets shoes it would be easy to say “yes” and then flake out.

Instead it might be better try to create a compelling proposition that requires her to take action.

“We’re having a huge party Friday night. I’d like you to come. Let me give you my number and you can call me.”

You’re not asking her to commit. But you’re requiring her to take action.

A request for action is often a more appealing request. Giving her a request to take action increases your perceived value and you avoid appearing desperate for people to attend your party.

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How To Get The Girl

How To Get The Girl