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Have you ever found yourself frustrated asking the question How Can I Get Girls to like me? The purpose of this blog is to teach men about social dynamics that influence the attraction and seduction process. The material will teach you to become more persuasive in your social interactions with women. The topic I will discuss today is personal interests.

Women usually place the highest priority on their own personal interests. We come from a very individualist society that assigns very high importance to the preferences of the individual. (We’re Selfish) The most powerful motivating personal interests are basic human needs. These are the main concerns that influence decision making and motivate all people. It is important to know each of these needs in order to understand female psychology.

Basic Human Needs:

1.) Security
2.) Sense of Belonging
3.) Economic Well-Being
4.) Recognition
5.) Sense of Control Over Life

By acknowledging these fundamental human needs and incorporating elements that influence these needs into your approach and routines, you will maximize success with women. As a pick-up artist it is your job to serve these interests and make your target feel good about herself. You should try to make her interests come alive.

Happy Hunting

How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls