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If you’re reading this blog chances are you are looking to improve your game and learn about the attraction and seduction process. The material in this blog is meant to teach men about social dynamics that influence female decision making behavior and improve success with women. I try to to answer the question “How Do You Get A Girl?”. The topic that I will discuss today has to do with the importance of active listening to improve communication.

When you approach your target and engage in conversation it is important to actively listen and acknowledge what is being said. Women want to feel recognition and listening enables you to provide this basic need. Listening also allows you to understand their perception, feel their emotions and hear what they are trying to say.

If you become an active listener it will not only improve what you hear, but it will improve what you say.

When you listen to what your target is saying, you give her the satisfaction of being heard and understood. This recognition is a major component of building trust and creating rapport. A good pick-up artist always acknowledges what their target is saying and demonstrates that they understand them.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get A Girl

How Do You Get A Girl