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I write this blog with the intention of helping men to improve their game and learn How To Get The Girl of their dreams. I teach social dynamics that influence the attraction and seduction process. I try to teach men to be more persuasive with women. The concept that I would like to discuss today has to do with asking questions during your approach.

When approaching women and engaging in conversation you need to use two key tools:


1.) Use questions instead of statements
2.) Silence

The first tool is asking questions. Questions generate answers and statements generate resistance. Question will allow your target to express themselves and you can provide them with recognition for their unique insight or wisdom.

“Questions do not criticize, they educate.” -Roger Fisher

If you ask your target an honest question and you get an insufficient answer. Use the second tool. Silence…

Silence is a great tool to use if a target is acting unreasonably or attacking you in an unjustified way. Often the best thing that you can do is sit there and not say a word. Simply sit silently and provide uncomfortable silence. She will know that she has cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Happy Hunting

How To Get The GIrl

How To Get The GIrl