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This weekend I studied a very interesting concept that pertains to happiness. The psychological concept is called Hedonic Adaptation, also known as the Hedonic Treadmill. Hedonic Adaptation suggests that joy, love, triumph, sorrow and loss all fade with time. We naturally become accustom to positive or negative emotional stimulus. As we become accustomed to the positive / negative stimulus, our goals adjust to increase or maintain our well being. The pursuit of happiness resembles a person on a treadmill constantly moving forward with an insatiable hunger for happiness.

How does this apply to pick-up and venusian science? As pick-up artists we are constantly striving for the next beautiful woman. Hoping to satisfy our biological needs. In this pursuit of happiness it is very easy to become accustomed to the positive emotional stimulus that we experience and enter into destructive behavior that is a result of hedonic adaptation.

I see men who are on the hedonic treadmill constantly working to increase or maintain their success with women. Their are unintended consequences for men in the pick-up community with insatiable desires.

You must establish measurable goals. Once you reach your goals you must find a way to be physically and emotionally satisfied. You can’t just ask “How Can I Get Girls?”

Happy Hunting

How Can I Get Girls

How Can I Get Girls