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The goal of this blog is to teach men How To Get Girls. The material teaches social dynamics that influence the attraction and seduction process and help men to become more persuasive in their social interactions with women. The topic that I would like to discuss today has to do with building trust and rapport with your target.

What makes pick-up so difficult is that you are dealing with complete strangers. It is very easy for a beautiful woman to feel threatened by a complete stranger and react in negative manner to your approach strategy. Strangers are often seen as the “opposition” or the “other side” and are treated much differently than someone who they already know. It is much easier dealing with a classmate, co-worker, friend or even a friend of a friend.

A pick-up artist has the ability to avoid being a stranger, quickly building trust and rapport with his target.

The more quickly you can turn a stranger into someone that you know the better.

A relationship of trust is what causes a woman to write down her telephone number, hang-out with you and your friends, hold hands, kiss, enter your living space, and ultimately enter your bedroom.

Try hard to get to know your target. Ask questions and listen. Find out about their likes and dislikes. Share intimate and personal information / interesting facts about yourself that will allow your target to know more about you.

Happy Hunting

How Do You Get Girls

How Do You Get Girls